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Today in London

The contrast couldn't be greater. After scenes of jubilation yesterday at the success of our Olympic bid, come scenes of destruction.


openDemocracy is flying at half-mast today. Those of us that have made it into the office are struggling through a normal working day. A lot of us walked in today, some through the centre of the city, witnessing all. One of our interns arrived visibly shaken up by what she'd seen. Family members and former colleagues are keeping the phone lines busy.


I'm trying to leave unanalysed the morbid fascination which is making me refresh this thread over at metafilter every five minutes.

Isabel's just written this first reaction to the bombings and Tom has the Gleneagles response.

July 7, 2005 in The London Bombings | Permalink


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Why should we not be surprised by Friday's attacks?

When the Blair government decided to appease the Bush administration and support the unlawful invasion of Iraq, they were warned of the increased danger to which the British people would be exposed as a result.

Friday's events are an everyday occurance in Iraq. A vile and brutal military regime has been replaced by another, this one presumably one of America's own choosing, aided and abetted by Britain.

The simple fact is that countries whose governments don't unlawfully invade other countries and don't sponsor regimes that torture and murder their own people, are not usually attached by terrorists.

Posted by: John Rhys-Burgess | 10 Jul 2005 23:59:56

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