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Map of the Creative Commons


From Lawrence Lessig's blog: The countries marked in green are all the places where the Creative Commons exists locally. Yellow is where they are nearly there, and red is where the bug has yet to spread.

June 17, 2005 in Media & the Net | Permalink


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Thanks, but I don't see a single country in green (am I colourblind?)

Posted by: Caspar Henderson | 17 Jun 2005 14:40:47

OK, maybe it's grey. Lessig said green.

Posted by: Solana Larsen | 18 Jun 2005 01:26:43

Thanks - I realise now my question was foolish, but at first I was puzzled as there is no green.

Another pernickety point: creative commons types, as self-described progressives, should surely use something like a Peters projection of the globe rather than a Mercator one, which makes, e.g. Greenland look bigger than India

Posted by: Caspar Henderson | 22 Jun 2005 10:44:27

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