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If you could teach the world one thing

Apparently, 2005 is Einstein Year and on that occasion Sandy Starr & co at Spiked! have surveyed 250 scientists and educators (including 11 Nobel winners) about what they believe is the most important thing to teach/learn about science.

The theory of evolution is way up there, as are methods of science and relations between humans and nature. Some point blank refused to answer like, Gerardus 't Hooft from Utrecht who, contends "spiked's question sounds exactly like the question often asked by students - 'what parts of the text in this book should I learn, to pass my test, and which parts may I skip?' I refuse to answer that."

The whole survey is attractively summarised by Sandy Starr, and it's quite fun to browse through what these opionion-movers and shakers feel is worthy braintertainment today.

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Posted by: Starving writer | 29 Apr 2005 13:43:06

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