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More Forum photos

Speaking of aesthetics - here are a few more pictures of what it looks like here. I didn't take them myself, but stole them from a goodnatured photographer, who in turn asked for a credit. His name is Calé.

The first three photos of are the Youth Camp here. Two by day and one by night. Especially at night the camp feels like a lively village in the middle of a forest. There is live music, film screenings, beer, guitars, people hanging out - and tents as far as the eye can see. The official number of people sleeping here is 25,000+ but it must be many more by now. Actually the village analogy is not far off. They have local government at the camp, and each section elects representatives to help manage logistics.


But even with the gigantic youth camp, all hotels in the city booked, and the local population offering rooms for rent in a "solidarity housing" scheme - they've still filled schools, communal tents, and this big stadium with even more sleepers. Finally, there's a picture of Lula when he gave his talk the other day. He was wearing a snazzy white jacket that matched his translation headphones very neatly. (Click on the images to see them bigger)


January 29, 2005 in World Social Forum | Permalink


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