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New G8 cash for Palestine

Ahead of his 2.15 press conference, Tony Blair has just made a statement, flanked by the others G8 leaders, the African leaders here today and the heads of the WTO, IMF, World Bank and UN. Kofi Annan looked solemn, Paul Wolfowitz looked lupine.

The leaders are now signing the G8 communique, though it will not be issued until the PM's press conference. Blair headlined a US$3bn cash injection for the Palestinian Authority, aimed at reinvigorating the Middle East peace process. While that was always on the table - the PM is a leading advocate of more well-meaning meddling in the Middle East - yesterday's attacks may well have pushed it up the briefing list.

Overseas aid from G8 donors will rise to US$50bn a year, though it is not yet clear how much of that is new and how much is tied. He conceded that the deal on Africa is "not all everyone wanted" (one wonders if he meant Bono or the two-thirds of destitute people who do not live in Africa).

On climate change, there appeared to be some consensus. A new dialog on global warming will begin at a meeting in Britain in November.

One clause was crucial. Blair said the communique would contain "a signal for a new deal on trade". His sheepishness suggests that deal will be a new bind for the global south.

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